Living River Farms

We are Living River Farms and we invest in people. We believe in giving opportunity to people as much as we care about producing great tasting chicken and beef grown with environmentally and socially conscious methods. We are on a mission to make lasting change starting today, with you. Will you come with us?

Our missions is to create a great environment where people can start fresh from the river of life. Living River Farms is here to serve. We want to know you and you to know us. We aim to be transparent in all our farm practices.


The Producer

Beau McLean & Christopher Green - Longtime friends and business partners, Beau and Christopher bring their individual education and experience together to lead Living River Farms.

Beau brings a wealth of agriculture knowledge and business experience to the company. He grew up on a large cattle ranch in Montana and has raised poultry for almost 25 years. His B.S. degree in animal science with poultry emphasis along with his experience as regional manager of a large animal nutrition company, Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds, has given him excellent management skills.

Christopher grew up in Oregon and spent many of his days working on his aunt and uncle‘s waterfowl hatchery. He has worked with the operations of this farm most of his life and has gained excellent experience in the proper care of livestock. He also raised and sold grass fed beef to help pay for college.