Roam Free Ranch

Our mission is to be better. Better than what the modern food system has to offer.

We utilize an approach to ranching that restores health to our native ecosystem, preserves soil integrity, and considers animal welfare and fair working practices for our team.

Located in beautiful Western Montana, Roam Free is veteran and woman owned. We're first generation ranchers. Regenerative agriculture enthusiasts. We believe in the old Boy Scout campground rule of leaving the land better than we found it. We want food freedom for all. And we’re absolutely nuts about the American bison.

The Producers

Jon Sepp - After an adventurous career of testing parachutes in the military, Jon couldn’t imagine having a regular 9 to 5 in the next chapter of his life. He decided to pursue one of his first passions, bison. With virtually no experience or funding he turned his dream into reality by building a free roaming, sustainable bison ranch in Montana.

Brittany Masters - While working part time in Seattle to support his dream, Jon met Brittany. A self-proclaimed health freak, Brittany is obsessed with food quality and natural living. It wasn’t long until Jon convinced her to quit her corporate job and transition to ranching full-time. Combining their passion for animal welfare and healthy eating, they decided to create a snack food that was as pure as the bison on the land. No sugar or additives needed.