Our Story


Why such a bold statement?

All RegenMarket products are produced using regenerative agriculture practices, which forms the base of the food chain for humans and land animals, ensuring the highest level quality nutrients in your food.


Regenerative agriculture also protects and internally enhances natural resources from the soil up, and has immense positive impact on earth's sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Our hand-selected partners, farmers, and producers are committed to producing food at the highest caliber. Convenient online shopping, pickup, or delivery to your door brings a taste of Montana to your home.



The Kulesza Family


Ryan and I met in Big Sky 13 years ago. We enjoy all the outdoor activities Big Sky provides. After having our two children we wanted to provide our family with food that we knew how it was produced and get back to our agricultural roots. And so the story goes:

I grew up on a ranch in southern Idaho. We raised hay, cattle and row crops, and I was very active in the FFA and 4-H, primarily raising and showing sheep. My experiences on the ranch helped me realize the importance of knowing where your food comes from and taking care of the land. I also realize the hard work, dedication, and time it takes for producers to put food on our plates. I’m very excited to tell their story.

Ryan grew up in South Dakota. His family owned and operated a construction company where he learned to operate heavy equipment at a very young age. He has been in Big Sky for the last 20 years and owns a successful real estate brokerage. When we met, he got involved in the agriculture life with my family. The regenerative way is what really peaked his interest. While trying to find a way for our family to participate in this movement, he found that the market for these producers was missing. He wanted to get their story and their product directly in front of the consumer, thus RegenMarket was born.

Together, we are excited to tell the stories of the ranchers, the farmers, the real producers, who care and love this place they call home. We are excited to bring you the best food on earth, for earth! We are excited to have you along on this journey with us.

The DiTullio Family


Our family has lived in Big Sky, MT for the last 20 years after leaving New Jersey in search of amazing outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle that Montana is known for. We are raising our three children to be kind and considerate to other people and our planet. With our Italian background, we have a love of cooking and gardening.

All of these factors led us to learn about regenerative agricultural practices. We are now proud to be co-founders of RegenMarket. This allows us to get nutritious food to others and help support farms and ranches around this state while also improving the environment.

Xan Jarecki

General Manager & Strategic Development

Xan was raised in Southern New York and is the oldest of three siblings. He spent his summers at a Wilderness Camp in Vermont, where he learned a great appreciation for the natural world and the activities and organisms that make their home there. Xan graduated from Elon University in 2018 with a degree in Entrepreneurship then returned home to New York where he spent two seasons working with the New York Giants doing Data Analytics and Strategic Game Management.

Craving a greater connection to the outdoors, he set off for Montana and hasn’t looked back. Xan’s passion for food and agriculture stems from his love of clean air, clear water, wide-open space, and a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. 

Carson Pollington

Product & Distribution Manager

My journey starts on the High Line of Montana in the heart of dryland wheat country where I grew up producing winter wheat and spring wheat conventionally. Driving grain trucks, tractors and combines was his life every August. The older I got, I started to gain more of an appreciation for what we were really doing and feeling the pride a farmer feels when we produce such a staple food crop.

After graduating high school, I decided to take some time to work in wildland fire for various agencies. Witnessing the destruction and creation of the natural environment around me hammered home the importance of the ecology that surrounds us and how we interact with it. My employment landed me in Big Timber, Montana where I settled down and decided to go back to school for regenerative agriculture. I received my bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems with a focus on crop production.

With my foundation of large-scale grain production and my education and practice of regenerative agriculture, I am really excited about joining the RegenMarket team.