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The Best Food on Earth

All RegenMarket products are produced using regenerative agriculture practices, which forms the base of the food chain for humans and land animals, ensuring the highest level of quality nutrients in your food.

Why is Regnerative Better?


We focus on the quality of food the animals eat to improve their meat's nutrient density, resulting in a healthier product for humans


Regenerative agriculture returns the power and dollar to ranchers rather than to conglomerate corporations


We respect animals, their natural diets and intrinsic wild behaviors, providing a safe, happy and humane life


We use natural systems as a proven solution to address climate and ecological issues like water purity & carbon sequestration

5 Core Principals of Regenerative Agriculture

Minimize Soil Disturbance

Maximize crop diversity

Keep Soil covered

Integrate Livestock

Maintain Living Root Year Around

Regenerative agriculture protects and internally enhances natural resources from the soil up, and has an immense positive impact on earth's sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Our hand-selected partners, farmers and producers are committed to producing food at the highest caliber. Convenient online shopping, pickup or delivery brings a taste of Montana to your home.

The Regenerative Difference

Conventional Farming

  • Competes with Nature
  • Poisons Water
  • Chemical Dependent
  • Nutrient Poor
  • Cruel to Animals

Regenerative Farming

  • Partners with Nature
  • Enriches Soil
  • Biodiversity
  • Enhances Ecosystems
  • Goes Beyond Sustainable Farming


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Xan Jarecki

General Manager & Strategic Development