Wild Idea Buffalo Co

Preserving and restoring the Great Plains prairie is the guiding principle of Wild Idea Buffalo Co. It is our core mission to work toward a healthier, more sustainable environment, while improving America's food supply.

By returning bison to their native homeland, we are not only rewilding a threatened ecosystem, we are keeping prairie's intact - with carbon stored safely underground. This natural, regenerative grazing also produces the healthiest, best tasting meat on the planet.


Dan O'Brien, Founder

Today, it’s difficult to eat with a clear conscience, and it has become more important to know where our food comes from, and how it was raised. Dan’s vision started in 1997, in an effort to restore his battered 1,000-acre ranch back to health, he returned Bison, the keystone species and North America’s largest herbivore to the native rangeland of his ranch. Dan’s holistic management approaches, along with the bison’s ability to regenerate and nurture the soil naturally, have revitalized the damaged prairies.

By aligning our actions with nature, we are able to restore the health of the prairies, provide habitat for hundreds of species, respectfully care for the animals and keep carbon safely stored underground. These actions improve our home planet and provide a healthy, red meat alternative, that can be consumed with a clear conscience for people who care about environmental sustainability and our food supply.