Farmer Meets Foodie

Inspired by local agriculture.

We believe in challenging the way society has taught us to eat because the current food system deserves repair. In America, 40% of food is thrown away while some people are going hungry. They are joining forces with other farmers and foodies to pave a new path through food.

We believe in maintaining the integrity of local agriculture by utilizing local, seasonal and rotational ingredients to prepare creative cuisine.


The Producer

Sarah Manuel - Sarah began her professional journey as a teenager, selling organic baked goods at the local market.  She also sold gourmet cheesecakes to clients during the holiday season.  Since her first endeavors, Sarah studied French techniques at the Culinary Institute of Montana in Kalispell. 

Since graduating from the program, she has moved to Maui and back, worked as a personal chef, line cook, caterer, and now dedicates her time to her own pursuits with Streatery and Farmer Meets Foodie.