Pork Fat

Style:For Leaf Lard


Leaf lard specific for rendering into high-quality lard - 1.65-2.91 lbs.

The two-pound packages are the highest grade of pork fat, which when rendered, becomes leaf lard. Leaf lard, the visceral fat from the kidneys and loin, has a clean non-pork flavor and therefore is coveted by bakers.


Ideal for sausage making - 4.63-5.71 lbs.

Great for rendering your own lard. Processing your own meat? Mix your wild game with the pork fat it deserves, pastured and unprocessed.


Olive Branch in Bridger, Montana specializes in producing great tasting, high quality locally raised and processed non-GMO pork products. Olive Branch believes great food starts with the soil. It’s all connected: the soil, the animal, and us.

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