Boccabella Farms

Boccabella Farms produces award winning Certified California Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives grown on California’s Central Coast. We have been recognized in the categories of Best Olive Oil in California and Best Olive Oil in the World. Our olives are hand-picked and milled using a state-of-the-art mill, transforming our fresh fruit into luscious extra virgin olive oil with a bright, beautiful flavor.

Our olives go from tree to olive oil in less than 12 hours, to preserve the naturally occurring antioxidants in the oil, which makes the freshest, most flavorful olive oil. To further ensure the quality and integrity of our extra virgin olive oil, we limit production to 500 gallons of olive oil a year.


Shaana Rahman & Johnny Jantz

We have been farming our land and our 3,000 olive trees in San Miguel, California since 2014. Every part of our journey since then has been grounded in family and tradition, from the name of our farm, Boccabella, which translates to "beautiful mouth" in Italian, as a nod to Shaana’s maternal grandmother, Julia Boccabella Maglio, who was the quintessential Italian home cook, to the way Johnny handcrafts our olive oil, drawing on his 25-year career as a classically trained Chef in the Bay Area.

Together we make every bottle of our olive oil, wearing all of the hats as farmers, olive oil sommeliers, packagers and customer service, creating a truly unique farm to table experience for our customers.

Peace, Love & Olive Oil